Care Guidelines for Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are beneficial because they provide more length without the wait period for natural growth. They also give more volume to the hair which minimizes the visual impact of thinning and increases viable styling options. The cost of purchase and application of quality extensions is relatively high so it is important to practice proper hair care and maintenance. This will ensure that the beauty of your new look lasts longer and it will limit the need for premature removal. Here are some simple guidelines to help you create a home-care program.


It is important to keep the hair length and the scalp clean because sweat and general dirt will cause the extensions to get tangled. When washing, unsnarl the strands first with a brush and then wet the hair with an increasing stream of water. Shampoo the hair in a gentle downward action from the roots and avoid rubbing because it will cause extensive tangling. Rinse off the shampoo thoroughly and always use conditioner after each wash since the extensions do not receive natural oil nourishment from your body. You should never use the treatment on the attachment or apply directly to the extension root areas because the conditioner will loosen the bonds. Dry the hair with downward strokes and then brush out any formed tangles. You should never wash your extensions immediately after applications; wait for at least two days before wetting the hair.

Heat Treatment

You should avoid heat treating your hair extensions because this will reduce the strength of the structure and consequently, the lifespan. Dry your hair naturally and when you must use the blow dryer, set it at the lowest available temperature. Do not use direct heat on the bonding area to prevent loosening and do not pull the hair while drying the ends. Flat and curling irons are highly detrimental so it is advisable to avoid them altogether.

Hair Products

There is a wide range of hair products in the market but consider using those that are recommended by the extension manufacturer or your hair stylist. You should use leave-in conditioner to keep the hair soft but apply small amounts to avoid build-up which will ruin the aesthetic appeal and accelerate tangling. Products containing alcohol will dry out the strands and reduce manageability so avoid such styling treatments. If you would like to perm your human hair extensions or change the color, engage a salon specialist for the task. Chemical treatments can weaken the extensions and the bonds so home application might be disastrous.

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