What Every Mother Should Know About Their Liposuction Options

When you have one or several children, you may find that you want to tone up and drop a few pounds. Even if you go to the gym, you may find that you have some stubborn fat left over from the pregnancy. This may lead you to the idea of liposuction. Like most people, you may not want the traditional evasive procedure but instead want to opt for something non-surgical. Here are a few of the non-surgical liposuction options available to you and that every mother should know about.


Mesotherapy uses injections to targeted areas in an effort to break up fat and help it dissolve. The injections contain a mixture of minerals, amino acids, and even vitamins. These are mixed with a medicine known as phosphatidycholine. This mixture helps dissolve the fat or melt it, making it easer to leave the body. It may take several appointments to see results from this procedure, and you may need to return to maintain the look you want.

Cool Sculpting

The option of coolsculpting is available in Sydney and other parts of Australia. This concept freezes the fat cells and helps them to slowly be removed from the body over the course of weeks or months. What you need to know about this option is that the term freezing isn't exactly what happens. The process simply lowers the temperature of the fat cells in targeted areas like your stomach and thighs. This causes the fat cells to crystallise and then slowly break down. Like other non-surgical liposuction treatments, CoolSculpting does require more than one treatment.


Thermage is a different type of non-surgical liposuction that does not use cold treatments or injections. Instead, this process uses radio frequency to help stimulate the cells and break up the fat. This is ideal if needles or the thought of having something crystalize with the hopes of it moving away from your body isn't appealing to you. Thermage does require several treatments to achieve the results you want. One of the benefits of this procedure is the appearance of smoother and tighter skin. If you want a slow progression that offers results and smoother skin, this may be ideal.

These are just three of the non-surgical options available to you. If you have questions or if you are ready to get started, consult a liposuction professional, such as those found at The Skin & Laser Clinic. Plastic surgeons will be happy to discuss your options and help you choose the ideal option for you.