Why It's Always Good to Have a Hairdresser Apply Your Hair Color

If you need to cover your grey hair or want to try a different color for your hair, you would do well to forego boxed colors you get at the store, and instead have a hairdresser apply your color for you. While it can be cheaper to apply your own color, there are some good reasons to think about more than money when it comes to your hair care needs. Note why it's good to have a hairdresser apply your hair color rather than doing this yourself. [Read More]

How To Safely Wash and Dry Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can add length and volume to your hair instantly, saving you the seemingly endless wait for your hair to grow naturally.  Washing and drying your extensions correctly is vital if they are to stay in great condition for the longest time possible.  Read on for some helpful advice. Washing your extensions the right way When you have your extensions fitted, make sure that you obtain shampoo and conditioning products to suit your new hair from your hairdresser. [Read More]